Biotin Supplement

$50.50 plus applicable taxes and freight

Univet’s Biotin contains 15mg per dose


UNIVET’S BIOTIN supplement is an oral powder containing 15 mg of Biotin per dose and is designed for use in horses.


Each 28.4 g scoop contains: Each kg
Biotin (minimum) 15 mg 528.17 mg
In a palatable base.



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UNIVET®’s BIOTIN is designed as a supplemental source of biotin for the prevention and treatment of biotin deficiencies. Biotin is a dietary supplement which aids in improving the hardness and strength of the hoof walls and horns. Biotin has been known to aid in correcting lameness.

Directions for Use:

Horses - feed one scoop per day added to the daily grain ration. Amount fed and frequency may be varied as necessary.


Store in a cool dry place


5.1 kg pail = 11.2lbs / 180 servings

Feed Reg No.:


Univet biotin supplement products for equine use and improved performance for horses
Biotin Supplement
$50.50 plus applicable taxes and freight