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There is no single legal or magical potion to improve the performance of your horse. We all know that presence of lactic acid in muscles is an indication of fatigue. If a specific therapeutic supplement was available which would help delay metabolic fatigue it would be expected that such a supplement would increase both speed and endurance of the horse. For over 10 years Univet has worked on this assumption and feel that our new product ULTRA-DELAY could assist in delaying the accumulation of lactic acid. This product has been field tested and results have shown to help improve performance.

Call today for a complete nutritional program that could help your horse recover after strenuous exercise or racing.

Product Categories


Water is not enough, insure your horse’s hydration needs are adequately met.

Iron Supplements

Products to help increase red blood cell counts and improve oxygen flow to muscles.

Joint Care

One of the most important aspects of racing. Protect your horses’ joints!

Multi Vitamin and Minerals

Cover all your horse’s nutritional needs with Univet multi-vitamins.

Performance Products

Help give your horse that extra push leading up to strenuous events.

Respiratory Products

Products to help regulate blood pressure and proper blood flow to the lungs.

Specialty Products

Products to improve the overall health of horses.

Topical Products

Topical products to aid in the healing and maintenance of joints.

Vitamin Products

Improve the components of their nutrition program.

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